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Training on Demand

We are revolutionizing the way our clients receive training!

An extensive library of short, specifically labeled videos are now available by clicking “Training on Demand” at the top of the main screen of Autumn8 (starting in build 173). These videos cover every concept and every screen of the program, making it easy for you to learn how to use the program, no matter what your role might be in the office!

You and your staff will now have access to training right away, the moment you hire a new staff person or assume a new responsibility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! No longer will you be waiting for the next available training appointment. You can have it now!

Download Updates

Autumn8 (version 3 LEGACY) Download 3.962 Updated Dec 09, 2014. This is the final update for version 3 of Autumn8

A8Notes Standalone Update (version 3) Download 4.325 Updated Feb 05, 2014. Only updates version 3 A8Notes program

Check-In Update (version 3) Download v1.36 Updated Nov 21, 2012. Please call before downloading

Autumn8 LEGACY Install (version 3) Download v3.909i Updated Jul 17, 2012.

Remote Host Download v2.06 Updated Apr 25, 2011.

ASB Version 3 (tgi CustomerCare use only) Download v3.09 Updated May 16, 2011.

Autumn8 Update (version 5.1) Download (A8 183, N 302) Updated Aug 19, 2015.

A8 CheckIn (version 5) Download 5.029 Updated Jun 03, 2014. Please call before downloading

Autumn8 (version 5 LEGACY) Download A8 383 Updated Jun 17, 2014. This is the final update for non-widescreen version 5 of A8

ASB Version 5 (tgi CustomerCare use only) Download 5.03 Updated Jun 03, 2014. Do not download unless instructed by tgi